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York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

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Read on below for the latest U-Pull-It news. Find out more about the car breakers and repairable vehicles we have for sale, find out how you can get your hands on some cheap car parts during our special wheelbarrow weekends, and more.

Wed 18th January 2017
Used Tyres

The importance of your tyres can’t be stressed enough as they have a direct impact on your braking and steering, both of which can be compromised in winter conditions. What can I do to prepare my tyres for winter? Check the pressure of your tyres to ensure they are in line with your vehicle’s recommendations – fill them up at any petrol station where needed Check your tyres' tread depth, the... Read More

Wed 11th January 2017
Lamborghini Huracan

Anyone can bid on this Category B Lamborghini with BreakerBid4U, no licence required! Are you repairing a Lamborghini, or looking for Lamborghini parts to sell on? Well, you are in luck, as our parent company Copart UK Limited have a fantastic Category B - 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP going to auction on the 23rd January. This supercar has sustained severe damage which unfortunately means it... Read More

Mon 9th January 2017
Starter Motor

The starter motor is perhaps one of the most underappreciated components of a vehicle, but one of the most important. In fact, your car wouldn’t even be able to start without one. When you turn your key the starter motor will spin the engine to start the ignition process which will turn the battery on. Whilst the majority of problems around a car starting are usually caused by a flat battery,... Read More

Wed 21st December 2016
Exterior Light and Headlamp

In winter the days are shorter and the weather is more challenging, so it makes sense to check your exterior lights so you can get from Point A to Point B as safely as possible.   Salt and dirt can quickly build up so it’s important to check and clean your lights, indicators and rear reflectors regularly. This build up can substantially reduce your visibility at night as well as during periods of... Read More

Fri 16th December 2016
New Cars Coming In 2017

2016 is slowly drawing to a close, and if you’re in the market for a new car, now is a good time to find out what’s hitting the showrooms next year. 2017 kicks off with several new cars due to be released early in the year, including updated models in the form of a hatchback Honda Civic and the new Land Rover Discovery 5. You can also expect a new Mini Countryman around February, which is a large... Read More

Thu 15th December 2016

With Christmas and New Year rapidly approaching, please find our operating dates over the festive period below. These dates apply to both York and Edinburgh breakers yards.      Saturday24thDecember    Sunday25thDecember Monday26thDecember Tuesday27thDecember Wednesday28thDecember Thursday29thJanuary Friday30thJanuary Normaloperatinghours8am - 5pm Closed Closed Normaloperatinghours8am - 5pm... Read More

Thu 8th December 2016
Car Batteries

Checking the battery of your vehicle is so important with the winter months approaching that it should be your number one priority. Cold and damp weather can have adverse effects on a car’s battery and has been known to cut its usual (5-year) lifespan short. What are the signs? If the battery is starting to struggle when you turn the key in the ignition that could be a sign that your battery is... Read More

Tue 6th December 2016

Your classic car is your pride and joy, and you want to keep it looking and running at its best for as long as possible. The older your car gets, the harder it can be to source the right parts for it, so keeping its current parts in top condition is essential. Here are five tips for looking after your classic car and ensuring you can continue to enjoy it for the foreseeable future: Keep Your... Read More

Mon 21st November 2016
wheelbarrow day, black friday

We have a special wheelbarrow day coming this Black Friday.   Wheelbarrow days are the perfect opportunity to buy multiple car parts for a great price. Simply visit one of our breakers yards on Friday the 25th November and grab your first wheelbarrow for £75 +VAT and any wheelbarrow thereafter for £60 +VAT. By having a wheelbarrow you can pull a number of parts from our extensive range of breaker... Read More

Fri 18th November 2016
5 Car Maintenance

Whether you’re a car hobbyist or a mechanic, everyone has a different skill level and we all know what we are capable with when it comes to DIY car repairs. If we’ve never tried something before there are a lot of resources available to find out how to do it, and the more adept of us can turn their hand to almost anything car-related. But for the rest of us, if we’re not too sure whether we can... Read More


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