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York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

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Read on below for the latest U-Pull-It news. Find out more about the car breakers and repairable vehicles we have for sale, find out how you can get your hands on some cheap car parts during our special wheelbarrow weekends, and more.

Thu 24th January 2019
Porsche 911 R

Are you repairing a damaged Porsche? Or perhaps looking for used Porsche 911 parts to sell on? If so, this breaker is sure to set your heart racing… On Monday 4th February our parent company Copart UK Limited will be auctioning a Salvage CAT B (Breaker) Porsche 911 in Whitburn. Porsche, the renowned automotive manufacturers are recognised for their unique and timeless design and in more recent... Read More

Fri 18th January 2019
Driving in Winter

Winter is a particularly precarious time of the year for motorist to be driving on the road. The cold weather brings with it icy roads and snow-ridden evenings, creating havoc for commuters who rely on their vehicles to travel. To ensure motorists are as safe as possible in such conditions, it is important to observe certain practices before and during your journey. Here we look at five top tips... Read More

Wed 9th January 2019
How Will The Electric Car Industry Change In 2019

As the new year arrives, motor enthusiasts are eager to see what 2019 will bring to the industry. With CO2 emissions becoming an increasingly prominent focus for society, the development of electric vehicles has become increasingly important. As such, technological advancements have made electric vehicles more accessible for day to day motorists, in addition to the Government taking steps towards... Read More

Thu 6th December 2018
Christmas and New Year Operating Hours

It’s that time of year again. The nights are darker and colder. The kids can’t wait until school finishes. Retailers are losing their minds on the high street. It’s Christmas time. And as the year draws to a close, we would like to thank every member of the U-Pull-It community.   To ensure you don’t turn up to one of our sites in the cold to find we’re not open, please find below our operating... Read More

Fri 9th November 2018

The incorporation of technology has become an increasingly prominent feature of the car manufacturing industry. This is particularly notable with the rise of electric-based vehicles being introduced into the mainstream market. Technology however is also being used to increase car safety, by aiding a driver on their day to day journey. These safety features are split into two types: what are known... Read More

Fri 2nd November 2018
How to legally scrap your car

A car coming to the end of its life can be a sad time for any driver. Whether it has stuttered through its last journey or you as the driver have made an informed decision to scrap your vehicle, ensuring you do so legally is a crucial process. Here we will look at how motorists can go about scrapping their vehicle and the important considerations you should take into account to get the best deal... Read More

Wed 17th October 2018
How to Make Your Car More Eco Friendly

The environment has become a key concern for today’s society. There have been changes made in almost every sector across the UK from developments in renewable energy to reducing the number of carrier bags produced by supermarkets, all in an attempt to help reduce our impact on the planet. The motoring industry is no different: with research into electric vehicles producing realistic solutions,... Read More

Fri 5th October 2018
Should Classic Cars Be Scrapped?

The war on emissions has become a global struggle for governments of all shapes and sizes. Vehicle emissions in particular are a primary source of pollution and have become the focal point of many targets which aim to soften our carbon footprint on the planet. Technological developments have helped society to take a step closer to these targets being realised, and electronic vehicles are now... Read More

Mon 24th September 2018
How Concerned Should We Be About Our Cars and Air Pollution?

Reducing air pollution has been a continual goal for many countries across the globe for a long time. We are almost constantly bombarded with anti-emissions rhetoric in addition to the continental and national legislation put into force by the executive. We all want to help the planet and reduce our impact on its climate, but are we aware of the direct effects air pollution can have on our health... Read More

Thu 6th September 2018
When Will Electric Cars Take Over?

Electric cars are the future. Or so we’re told. With concerns about our impact on the climate reaching the worldwide stage, many governments are implementing strict legislation to curb emissions, particularly vehicle emissions. This legislative approach has taken many forms, from local authorities fining idling drivers in stationary cars, to governmental targets aiming to reduce the sales of... Read More


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