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Fri 10th May 2019
Could solar power be the future of motoring?

Reducing CO2 emissions is a key concern for most governments across the globe, and taking steps to decrease our dependence on fossil fuels is a major obstacle. A huge portion of our dependence on such fuels is based on the cars we use every day, hence the shift from petrol to electric-powered vehicles. Many major manufacturers have therefore focused a large amount of energy and resources into the... Read More

Wed 9th January 2019
How Will The Electric Car Industry Change In 2019

As the new year arrives, motor enthusiasts are eager to see what 2019 will bring to the industry. With CO2 emissions becoming an increasingly prominent focus for society, the development of electric vehicles has become increasingly important. As such, technological advancements have made electric vehicles more accessible for day to day motorists, in addition to the Government taking steps towards... Read More

Fri 2nd November 2018
How to legally scrap your car

A car coming to the end of its life can be a sad time for any driver. Whether it has stuttered through its last journey or you as the driver have made an informed decision to scrap your vehicle, ensuring you do so legally is a crucial process. Here we will look at how motorists can go about scrapping their vehicle and the important considerations you should take into account to get the best deal... Read More

Fri 5th October 2018
Should Classic Cars Be Scrapped?

The war on emissions has become a global struggle for governments of all shapes and sizes. Vehicle emissions in particular are a primary source of pollution and have become the focal point of many targets which aim to soften our carbon footprint on the planet. Technological developments have helped society to take a step closer to these targets being realised, and electronic vehicles are now... Read More

Mon 24th September 2018
How Concerned Should We Be About Our Cars and Air Pollution?

Reducing air pollution has been a continual goal for many countries across the globe for a long time. We are almost constantly bombarded with anti-emissions rhetoric in addition to the continental and national legislation put into force by the executive. We all want to help the planet and reduce our impact on its climate, but are we aware of the direct effects air pollution can have on our health... Read More

Thu 6th September 2018
When Will Electric Cars Take Over?

Electric cars are the future. Or so we’re told. With concerns about our impact on the climate reaching the worldwide stage, many governments are implementing strict legislation to curb emissions, particularly vehicle emissions. This legislative approach has taken many forms, from local authorities fining idling drivers in stationary cars, to governmental targets aiming to reduce the sales of... Read More

Tue 10th July 2018
Sweden Opens Self-Charging Road For Electric Cars

It has been a bumpy road so far for electric cars coming to market. The slow uptake was hindered by a lack of charging points, and with a lack of charging points making motorists reluctant to switch from fuel to electric, this new vehicle type was stuck in something of a vicious cycle. But the Swedish government has implemented an innovative solution to this problem – 2 kilometres’ worth of... Read More

Fri 4th May 2018
Mercedes To Launch eSprinter Electric Van

Following up on its announcement last year that it would electrify all of its commercial vans, Mercedes-Benz have unveiled the new eSprinter. Due to be launched next year, the new electric van is part of the latest line-up of Sprinter vans. It is designed for inner-city operations, and as such may not have a long range but aims to protect the environment and offer customers day-to-day flexibility... Read More

Wed 25th April 2018
Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta topped the list of best-selling cars in 2017, for the ninth year in a row. It sold 94,533 units – nearly 20,000 more than its nearest competitor, the Volkswagen Golf. But what is it about the Fiesta that makes it so popular? Affordable and Reliable The Fiesta is loved for its affordability and reliability, especially among first time drivers. With the cost of learning to drive and... Read More

Wed 21st March 2018

The Geneva International Motor Show took place from 8th – 18th March and was a spectacular event showcasing the latest in luxury and innovative new vehicles. Here’s our roundup of the five top finds at the show: 1. World’s First Commercial Flying Car Dutch aircraft manufacturer Pal-V launched the world’s “first flying car production model” at the motor show, which is certified to fly and meets... Read More


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