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Fri 2nd August 2019
What is a Speed Limiter and How Will it Affect Your Car?

With the recent news that the EU has provisionally agreed that speed limiters will become mandatory for all vehicles in the continent by 2022, this blog post will explore what exactly speed limiters are and how they will affect your car. Whatever state Brexit will be in in a few months’ time, speed limiters will become an increasingly important part of car technology in the future. What is a... Read More

Fri 19th July 2019
10 Tips for Driving in the Summer

We all know that winter brings unpleasant driving conditions like icy roads and car troubles such as frozen engines, but what does the summer bring? This season comes with its own driving hazards, so what are the primary problems and how can you remain safe when driving on the road? Whether you’re driving at home or somewhere sunny abroad, each comes with its own potential problems. Here are a... Read More

Fri 21st June 2019
What Should You Do If You Witness a Car Accident?

Many of us have been in a car accident at some point during our time on the road. As there are certain rules you must obey if you are involved in an incident, are those same rules applied to those who witness an accident? Read on to find out what you should do if you witness an accident on the road. What you should do if you witness an accident Stay calm and keep yourself safe The first thing to... Read More

Wed 12th June 2019
How to Prepare Your Car for Summer

We all consider winter to be the most dangerous time of year for motorists. But when the sun is at its highest and hottest, many overlook the dangers that the summer heat brings to our roads. So how can you best prepare your car for the summer to ensure you are ready for any potential environmental hazards? Carrying out Summer Car Maintenance Do you know how varying temperatures can affect your... Read More

Fri 24th May 2019
When is the Best Time to Get Your Car Serviced?

Most, if not all motorists, think of an MOT when it comes to getting their car checked. But getting your car serviced is also an important step to ensuring your car is healthy and roadworthy. So when is the best time to get your car serviced, what factors indicate whether your car needs a service and what maintenance should you expect the mechanic to carry out? How often should you get your car... Read More

Fri 12th April 2019
Is My Car Autonomous?

Over the past decade, we have seen a vast increase in the amount of technology which has been integrated into the standard models of most cars. Focusing primarily on improving the safety in driving, these technological features range from improving a car’s ability to brake to go so far as the car itself making active decisions based on a variety of cameras and sensors. And with the race towards... Read More

Tue 2nd April 2019
What To Do If You’ve Had An Accident On The Road

No matter how safe and careful you think you are as a driver, you will inevitably, and unfortunately, be involved in a car accident at some point in your life. From minor scrapes to more serious collisions, being involved in any kind of accident can be an extremely stressful process. But there are certain things you must do to ensure that you are following the law and that you will be able to... Read More

Fri 22nd March 2019
How Safe Are Cars Today Compared To 20 Years Ago

Much of the focus of the car industry in today’s market relates to the integration of electric vehicles and the future of fuel. By looking ahead, it can be easy therefore to forget the great strides we have already made in the development of car technology. Safety is one such example which simply highlights these advancements, with dramatic improvements to the safety provided to a driver and... Read More

Mon 4th February 2019
How to care for your car in the winter

The winter frosts transform our roads into dangerous and cold environments for motorists who rely on their vehicles every day. Taking particular precautions whilst driving is important in trying to prevent a collision during the winter season, but it is also crucial that you care for your car during this time. Ensuring your car is topped up and ready to go on those frosty mornings is an essential... Read More

Fri 18th January 2019
Driving in Winter

Winter is a particularly precarious time of the year for motorist to be driving on the road. The cold weather brings with it icy roads and snow-ridden evenings, creating havoc for commuters who rely on their vehicles to travel. To ensure motorists are as safe as possible in such conditions, it is important to observe certain practices before and during your journey. Here we look at five top tips... Read More


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