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McLaren 720S Super Breaker Available for Parts

Thu, 27/06/2019 - 17:37

On Monday 8th July this amazing 2018 McLaren 720S V8 breaker will be heading to auction over at our parent company Copart UK Limited.

Lot #: 40181929.

Part of the McLaren Super Series, the 720S was first introduced into the market in 2017 where it received rave reviews among automotive experts. From new, the model features a twin turbocharged V8 engine which is described to deliver a “blistering pace”, a carbon fibre Monocage said to make the vehicle ‘’stronger and lighter” than ever before and a handful of theatrical flourishes to really give it that ‘supercar’ finish (TopGear, 2017).

The estimated retail value of this vehicle is £174,850 GB.


Not a Copart Member? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to submit your bid on this exciting Lot using our BreakerBid4U service. Read on to find out more…


Can I purchase and repair this car?

This McLaren is a CAT B Breaker which means that it cannot be repaired and returned to the road, due to the extent of its damage. It can, however, be purchased and stripped of all its bolted parts, the perfect solution if you are looking for multiple parts to repair another vehicle, or simply looking to source great-value parts to sell on for a profit.


Why buy a Category B Car Breaker over sourcing the parts separately?

  • Save time hunting the web for McLaren parts by sourcing them all from one vehicle.
  • Save money over buying the parts new, or from various locations by purchasing a great-value CAT B and stripping it for the parts that you need.  
  • Feel assured that your parts are authentic and undamaged by pulling them directly out of the vehicle yourself.

Please note – Category B vehicles can only be dismantled of bolted parts; no cutting is allowed.


How to Buy the McLaren 720s V8 Breaker


I’m a Copart Member, can I purchase a Category B vehicle?

In order to purchase a Category B vehicle, you will need to hold the correct waste management licences and meet the requirements stated on the Buying CAT B’s page.

Once you have met these requirements and supplied Copart with evidence, you will be able to start placing your bids on CAT B vehicles providing that you have agreed to their Trade Terms and Conditions.

Already a CAT B buyer with Copart? Go and place a preliminary bid on the vehicle now!

I’m not a Copart Member/I don’t meet the criteria, can I still bid on CAT B vehicles?

Yes, you can still place your bids using the dedicated BreakerBid4U (BB4U) Service at Copart. This service allows you to submit your bids to Copart who will then bid on your behalf, giving you the chance to win your chosen Lot and break it for parts at one of the six breaker facilities available.

What happens if I win the Lot with BreakerBid4U?

The McLaren 720S is currently based offsite at U-Pull-It Inverkeithing and is being sold through Copart’s Whitburn location.  This can be dismantled for parts at our Inverkeithing location, or transported to one of our five other breaking facilities at an additional cost. The six breaker facilities are located in Inverkeithing, YorkSandwichWolverhamptonChester and Rochford.

(The vehicle engine/gearbox will be removed for you before the session unless you state otherwise). Under no circumstances will the vehicle be able to leave the breaker facility.

Ready to bid? Head to BreakerBid4U to submit your bidding form now.


If you have any further questions please contact the BreakerBid4U team on BreakerBid4U@copart.com

*Terms and conditions apply. **This vehicle is restricted and will need to be stripped at one of our breaker facilities, regardless of licences held by the buyer.



James Disdale. (2018). McLaren 720S review – the new supercar benchmark. Available: https://www.evo.co.uk/reviews/20757/mclaren-720s-review-the-new-supercar.... Last accessed 27/06/2019.

Top Gear. (2017). The Top Gear car review: Mclaren 720S. Available: https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/mclaren/720s. Last accessed 27/06/2019.

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