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York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions you can check our list of frequently asked questions to find the information you are looking for. If you don't find the answer here, feel free to contact us.

General FAQ 
Breaker Parts FAQ
Car Breakers FAQ
Trade Vehicles FAQ
Selling Your Car FAQ

General FAQ

Where is U-Pull-It based?
We currently have two locations – one in York and one in Edinburgh. Please see our Locations page for the full addresses and driving directions for both sites.

What are the opening hours?
Take a look at the Locations page to view the opening hours for our individual locations.

How do I buy parts?
You can either use our Breaker Parts scheme to pull many parts from different vehicles, or use our Car Breakers scheme to pull several parts from just one vehicle.

What condition are the vehicles in?
The vehicles we have at our sites vary in their condition. We have a wide range of makes and models in our large inventory, so you should be able to find the part you need. We'll always try our best to point you in the right direction, and you are welcome to view our extensive inventory in person.

Can I view the vehicles in person?
Yes, for an admission fee of just £1 you can visit our site and browse for the vehicle you need.

What tools can I bring? Will any be provided for me?
You may bring hand tools and battery operated tools with you to remove the parts you need. We do not supply any tools, and power tools and grinding tools are not allowed on the site.

What equipment is provided?
Upon your arrival at the breakers yard, you will be provided with a safety vest. Wheelbarrows and sack trolleys are also provided to help you carry your parts and tools.

Can someone help me pull parts?
If you need any help removing parts from a vehicle, we can provide assistance on an individual basis. Simply enquire with one of our breakers yards and for an additional fee a member of staff will be happy to assist you.

What are the safety rules?
Upon your arrival at the breakers yard you will need to sign in and agree to the health and safety rules, which you can read online as well as at our locations. All our vehicles are arranged for ease of access to parts and with your safety in mind.

Is there anything I cannot take from the vehicle?
For safety reasons, if you would like to take the engine or gearbox, we will need to remove these for you ahead of time. Because of this there will be an additional charge for labour if you would like to take these away. Please indicate if you require the engine or gearbox. You will not be able to remove any catalytic converter or the vehicle’s frame. Batteries are removed from the vehicles before your visit. If you would like to buy a vehicle battery from us this can be arranged for a small charge. Batteries can be bought in bulk or individually.

Do I need to be a Copart member?
Copart UK Limited is the parent company of U-Pull-It. You do not need to be a registered Copart member in order to purchase parts from us. However if you register at Copart.co.uk, you will receive a 10% discount on any Car Breakers purchases you make at U-Pull-It.

Are the yards safe?
At U-Pull-It, safety is our top priority. Vehicles are depolluted to industry standards and all waste is accounted for by transfer to accredited disposal facilities. All staff are trained and certified on any machinery they use and senior management on each site are Institution of Occupational Safety and Health trained and certified. Both yards are also full Authorised Treatment Facilities, and yard inspections are carried out by Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Environment Agency. When you arrive at the yards you are required to sign our health and safety rules, which you can also read online

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Breaker Parts FAQ

What is Breaker Parts?
Breaker Parts allows you to pull multiple parts from several different vehicles. This is excellent value for money if you only need one part, or if you need a few parts from different vehicles.

When can I visit to remove parts?
You can visit us at any time during our opening hours, and you don’t need to make an appointment for Breaker Parts. Simply come to one of our locations, pay the £1 admission fee and browse for the parts you need. It's really as simple as that!

How do I pay for parts?
We accept cash or credit/debit cards. When you have finished collecting parts, simply go to our service counter and pay for your purchase. We use a simple price list system, so you always know what you're paying for. You can view the car, van or premier parts price lists online.

How much do the parts cost?
You can view our Breaker Parts car, van or premier price lists online to see how much your parts will cost.

What are premier parts?
Premier parts are parts which can be pulled off specialist vehicle models such as BMW, or vehicles which have been registered within the last ten years. These have a different pricing structure, and you can view the price list online. Please contact the individual location to find out if the part you are looking for is premier or not.

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Car Breakers FAQ

What is Car Breakers?
Car Breakers gives you the opportunity to spend a day during our opening hours (a 7-hour session) pulling parts off one individual vehicle. This is ideal if you require several parts for one model. You can search our inventory online.

How do I find the vehicle I need?
Use the U-Pull-It website to search for breaker vehicles. You can search one or all of our locations for the make and model you need. Alternatively, you can visit one of our sites and browse in person.

When can I come and remove parts?
For Car Breakers you will need to make an appointment to come in during our opening hours and remove parts from a car. You will be able to book a seven hour time slot, which will need to be booked 48 hours before you want to visit so that we can get the vehicle ready for you.

How do I make an appointment?
Please call the location you would like to visit on the number on the vehicle's details page. We'll be able to arrange a time slot for you over the phone.

When does payment need to be made for Car Breakers?
Payments need to be made when you visit our breakers yard to remove your parts.

How can I pay?
You can pay by debit card, credit card or cash when you visit one of our locations.

Why do I need to give you the names of the people who will take parts off the car?
This is to ensure that only people you authorise are taking parts off your vehicle. You don’t have to list all of the people who will be coming, but at least one person who comes to remove parts must be on the list. If you need to change the list of people, you can call the location before you arrive. If you are coming to remove parts, your name is automatically on the list.

What proof of identity do I/they need?
You or the people who you authorise to take parts will need to bring either the sales receipt or a driving licence to prove you are authorised to remove parts from the car.

What happens if I don’t know who will be coming to take parts off the car?
We recommend that you list as many people as possible (up to 5) who may come to remove the parts, so that all your bases are covered. Only one person needs to be on the list to gain access to the vehicle. You can call the site before you arrive if you need to make any changes to the list.

What happens if I need to change my appointment?
You can call our location 24 hours before your appointment and we will happily reschedule for you. If you call less than 24 hours in advance you may be charged a £50 rescheduling fee. This fee covers the costs of setting up the car in advance of your arrival.

What happens if nobody turns up for my appointment to pull off the parts?
If you do not turn up for your appointment you will be charged a rescheduling fee. This covers the labour costs of putting our vehicle back in our inventory after setting it up for you. After paying the fee, you can reschedule another appointment to remove the parts. We will store the vehicle for you for up to 30 days. You will have to pay a storage charge of £5 per day before you come to remove any parts.

What happens if I change my mind about the vehicle?
All sales at U-Pull-It are final and the vehicles are sold as seen.

Can I keep the vehicle?
No. You are purchasing the rights to remove all the parts you want from the vehicle, but you cannot remove the whole car from our location. If you would like to purchase a vehicle, consider our Trade Vehicles.

Are discounts available?
Yes! U-Pull-It is part of Copart UK Limited. Copart is the largest online remarketing company in the world, selling a large range of vehicles. Copart UK members can benefit from a 10% discount on all Car Breakers purchases. Enter your Copart UK membership number upon registration with U-Pull-It in order to benefit from this. To find out how to become a registered Copart UK member, visit the Copart website.

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Trade Vehicles FAQ

What are Trade Vehicles?
Our Trade Vehicles include cars, vans, motorcycles and other vehicles which have not been put through the Car Breakers or Breaker Parts system, and are sold for you to reuse parts from that vehicle. If you purchase them for any other purpose you must rely on your own skill and judgement in deciding whether that vehicle is suitable for that other use. Unlike our other vehicles, these are sold with all the parts they have when we receive them, and when you purchase them they will be completely yours to own.

Can I search the U-Pull-It website for Trade Vehicles?
Yes, you can search for Trade Vehicles by using the filter on the search page, or you can click here to view all Trade Vehicles currently available at our yards. You can also call one of our locations to see if the model you are looking for is available, or come to one of our locations and browse for the vehicle you need, for an admission fee of just £1.

When can I collect a Trade Vehicle I have bought?
You can take your car away as soon as you have purchased it, within our opening hours.

How can I pay?
You can make a payment in person when you come to one of our breakers yards. We accept cash or debit/credit card.

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Selling Your Car FAQ

What kind of vehicles does U-Pull-It buy?
We buy all kinds of vehicles including cars, vans and motorbikes.

How can I sell my vehicle to you?
You can bring your vehicle to one of our U-Pull-It locations where we will determine its value and pay you immediately for your vehicle.

My vehicle is damaged; will you still buy it from me?
Yes – we will assess your vehicle and offer you a price for it even if it is damaged.

How much will you pay for my vehicle?
The amount we pay for a vehicle varies based on the vehicle year, make, model and condition, as well as current salvage prices. However, we will do everything we can to ensure we are giving you the fairest price possible.

How will I receive payment?
We pay by cheque for all cars.

What paperwork do I need to bring with me to sell my vehicle?
The owner of the vehicle should bring the V5 document showing they are the registered keeper, as well as some photo ID such as a passport or driving licence photocard to confirm their identity.

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