We provide the car. You pull the parts.

York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

Breaker Parts

With our Breaker Parts scheme you can come to any one of our breakers yards in Edinburgh or York for an admission fee of just £1 and browse for the used car parts you need. Simply find a vehicle that has a part you want, remove the part yourself and pay for it at our service counter.

You may remove any vehicle parts except for:

  • The battery
  • Any catalytic converter
  • The vehicle’s frame

The battery will have been removed from the vehicle by a member of staff before your visit and you will be able to purchase one from us if you wish to. You will not be able to purchase the vehicle’s catalytic converter or frame under any circumstances.

If you would like to take the engine or gearbox, we will need to remove these from the vehicle for you due to their size and weight. As such, there will be an additional fee to cover our labour costs for removing these (see our price lists for more information). For safety reasons you are not permitted to remove the engine or gearbox yourself. See our used engines page for information on how to buy an engine at U-Pull-It.

Tools are not provided for you, so you may bring hand tools and battery-powered tools with you. Power tools and cutting/grinding equipment are not permitted on the sites. You will be supplied with a safety vest and a wheelbarrow or sack trolley for moving your parts.

When you visit our breakers yards you will need to sign in and out at reception and agree to our safety rules.

You can view the price lists online to see how much your parts will cost. Some vehicles will come under Premier Parts, which will have a different price list. Please contact the breakers yard you are visiting to find out which band the vehicle parts you are looking for come under.

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