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York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

York: 01759 372728

Edinburgh: 01383 419151

BreakerBid4U – No Licence …No Problem

Do you want to purchase great-value breaker vehicles and strip them for parts?

At U-Pull-It we pride ourselves on having a variety of Car Breaker stock across our two yards, but we understand that our stock moves quickly, and we might not always have the model you’re looking for…that's why we introduced BreakerBid4U


What is BreakerBid4U?

BreakerBid4U is our dedicated service which gives you the opportunity to purchase and break for parts, thousands of CAT B vehicles being sold through salvage auction giant Copart UK, including a variety of cars, motorcycles and vans.

How does it work?

Once you’ve found a CAT B Lot that you wish to bid on, you’ll need to:

1) Complete the bid submission form including the Lot number, the maximum amount you wish to bid and the location you’d like to dismantle the vehicle at (you can choose from Copart Chester, Rochford, Sandwich and Wolverhampton, or UPI Inverkeithing and York).

2) The BreakerBid4U team will then bid on your behalf.

3) If you win, we will contact you to arrange your breaking session where you’ll dismantle the vehicle of the parts that you need.


So, if you want… 

…to save money - Not only are Category B vehicles great value for money. But the action of being able to source multiple used parts from one vehicle and location could save you a considerable amount over buying the individual parts brand new.

…to save time - Breaking all your parts from one vehicle during one breaker session could also save you time on researching, purchasing and waiting for the delivery of separate parts. BreakerBid4U allows you to repair your vehicle and sell it quickly.

…to access thousands of additional car breakers - BreakerBid4U ensures that your stock options are never limited to just those at UPI yards with a huge selection of breaker vehicles spread across 15 locations in the UK.

BreakerBid4U could be the perfect solution! 

Head to BreakerBid4U




Do I need to be a Member of Copart to use the service?
No, anyone can use the BreakerBid4U service, though you will save money by signing up as a Copart UK member.

Are there any vehicle restrictions?
Yes, due to the breaker bay sizes and resources, the BreakerBid4U service cannot be used to purchase electric vehicles, HGV's, agricultural, plant, caravans and selected large vehicles.

Will I need licences?
No, our dedicated service removes the need to acquire expensive CAT B licences as you will not be taking the car away, only stripping it for parts at our breaker locations. 


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