We provide the car. You pull the parts.

About Us

U-Pull-It is a unique self-service parts and breaker company offering thousands of vehicles and providing exceptional value for money in the recycled parts market. 

Whether you are a professional breaker, a mechanic or a car enthusiast, our extensive inventory across our two locations in York and Edinburgh offer you the opportunity to source the car parts you need at great value. All parts, with the exception of engines, catalytic converters and on selected vehicles wheels, can be pulled at your convenience. Engines and road standard wheels are available for purchase from our facilities directly. Please see our price lists for all our great value parts or contact either of our breakers yard locations for more details.
So how does it work?
For an admission fee of just £1 per location, you can browse our extensive inventory of breaker vehicles and find and remove the parts you need.
 We have two schemes enabling you to get the parts you need.
Our Breaker Parts scheme allows you to visit one of our breakers yards and pull parts from any number of different vehicles. Once you arrive at one of our sites our vehicles are easy to find and gain access to, allowing you to locate and pull the part you require with ease.
Our Car Breakers scheme provides you with a private breaker session with an individual vehicle of your choice, allowing you to spend the day removing parts from a vehicle reserved just for you. In addition you can even bring your own breaker vehicle and safely remove the parts in the knowledge that we are a registered End of Life Treatment facility and will dispose of the frame and liquids in accordance with environmental law. Please see our price list for more information on bay rental.
Buying from U-Pull-It gives you access to the largest range of parts in the UK at the best possible value and all the parts you pull from our cars are genuine - after all, you pulled them!
U-Pull-It is part of Copart UK Limited. Copart is the largest online remarketing company in the world, selling a large range of vehicles. For more information on Copart please visit www.copart.co.uk.
Copart UK members can also benefit from a 10% discount on all Car Breakers purchases. Enter your Copart UK membership number upon registration with U-Pull-It in order to benefit from this. To find out how to become a registered Copart UK member, visit the Copart website.
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